Who is Hannah Kathleen?
One thing I've noticed online, is that most 'About' pages are written in the third person, by the person it's about. So, I thought I'd do something a little different and openly write this note to you.

But before I get into the juicy details as to who I am, I've got a quick question for ya'.

Do you feel frustrated at where you’re at in your life and business, and perhaps, unwilling to put up with it anymore?

Whether you’re just looking to broaden your horizons a little or completely transform your business, I can tell that you’re serious about making stuff happen!

But maybe you’re stuck on a few things… Like…
Where the heck to start with attracting an audience and building a pro brand online
How to monetise what you’re doing (like which company to promote or what product to create)
Confusion and overwhelm. No-one really relates to what it is that you’re trying to achieve and so you don’t open up…
Regardless of where you’re at right now online, you need more influence and more impact to build a raving audience and thriving business…

You need to do something new that will influence change within your life and business.

You want to get your creative cap on and spice things up a little…

You’re ready to level up and get the results you’re after.

But you’re kind of at a roadblock and not sure how to get past it!
Here are my thoughts on a few matters:

1. I believe that you hold the power to do whatever it is that you want to do and pursue.
2. I believe that the goals we set but never vocalise that are ‘too big’ or ‘unrealistic’, are very much  achievable – With a plan.
3. I believe that you deserve to be respected as the kick-butt entrepreneur you know you are!

The quick run down? You’ve got a great vision, product or business to share with the world – And I’m here to help you do that!

So, hey there! I’m Hannah Kathleen & I help home business owners create an unstoppable brand online to attract more clients and position themselves as leaders within their niche. All through the simple process of creating online powerful courses and influential sales funnels.
So, how did this happen?

I started out online in 2010 as a fashion blogger, which led to countless opportunities coming my way, while also taking me down the path of online marketing. I began blogging as a creative outlet to escape the worry that came with suffering from long term illness, and the struggles that surrounded that. At the time, I was still in school and later in 2013, had to drop out due to my health taking a turn for the worse… Long story short, I was lonely, miserable, sick and down right annoyed at life.

However, this turned out to be a major moment in my personal life and entrepreneurial journey.

As a result, a hobby turned into a passion that became a craze for me, and my blog introduced me to a whole new world online. I have had the opportunity to work with major fashion brands such as Daniel Wellington and realised that online positioning is something that is a huge factor in successful business ventures nowadays.

Within a few years of launching my hobby blog, I was invited to Berlin & London Fashion Week, working with major fashion brands and also, coaching home and small business owners in positioning themselves online.

Crazy, right?!

From there, it grew to a more general process applicable to any business owner and now, I want to help you to build your own profitable online business too.

If you’re curious, I specialise in topics such as branding yourself like a rockstar in your niche, blogging your way to the top and also, establishing an online presence that’s magnetic to your ideal prospect, along with custom course & sales funnel creation.
Before I go, I want to invite you to book your free consultation with me. I know by the actions you took that led you to this page, you're looking for a way to enhance your online presence and accelerate your business success. Let's have a 1-1 conversation together so that we can create a plan to get you to your goals by building your influential online sales funnel. Click here.
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